How Do You Start A Diesel Engine When Its Cold?

The most common method for starting a diesel engine is through the use of glow plugs. Like an air intake heater, the glow plugs operate off of the power of the vehicle’s battery. This pre-warming process brings the air in the combustion chamber up to a temperature conducive to cold starting.

How does a diesel engine start in cold weather?

In a diesel engine, the fuel and air are heated until they combust, which creates a spark that starts the engine. When starting a diesel truck, then, you must follow a specific process to let the necessary components warm up, especially in cold weather.

What's the best way to start a diesel engine?

1. Glow Plugs and Block Heaters: The use of glow plugs or block heaters will start the vast majority of diesel engines on a cold day. Glow plugs work by heating the internal combustion chamber so that conditions are suitable for compression and ultimately ignition.

Why does my diesel truck take so long to start?

During cold weather, the glow plugs will take longer to heat. Check the glow plugs or intake heater before the cold weather season to ensure your truck will start during cold days. A glow plug is a device with a heating element that heats up the air in the diesel truck to start the vehicle.

What can I put in my diesel engine to keep it cold?

Glow Plugs: These can help you ignite cold fuel, and ether can heat the fuel-air mixture inside of a large-sized engine. A Battery Tender: The cranking amperage of machinery batteries tend to diminish under colder temperatures.

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