How Do You Set Up A Flame Test?

To carry out a flame test:dip a clean wire loop into a solid sample of the compound being testedput the loop into the edge of the blue flame from a Bunsen burnerobserve and record the flame colour produced

What's the best way to conduct a flame test?

To conduct a flame test: Clean a platinum or nichrome wire with acid. Moisten the wire with water. Dip the wire into the solid you're testing, making sue that a sample sticks to the wire.

How do you test platinum in a flame test?

Practical Details in Carrying out Flame Tests Clean a platinum or nichrome (a nickel-chromium alloy) wire by dipping it into concentrated hydrochloric acid and then holding it in a hot Bunsen flame. Repeat this until the wire produces no color in the flame.

How do you test a gas burner flame?

Pour out the water and rinse the splints in more clean distilled water. Be careful not to contaminant the splits with sodium compounds such as sweat from your hands. Cotton swabs can be used by moistening the ends with water. Dip the swab into the substance to be tested and place it in the gas burner flame. Use a different swab for each test.

How to do a flame test for qualitative analysis?

Take a damp splint or cotton swab that has been moistened in water, dip it in the sample to be tested, and wave the splint or swab through the flame. Do not hold the sample in the flame as this would cause the splint or swab to ignite. Use a new splint or swab for each test. How to Interpret Flame Test Results

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