How Do You Manage Sensory Processing Disorder?

griffinot.comImage: griffinot.comSevere sensory processing issues are usually treated with a combination of occupational therapy and a “sensory diet,” which typically consists of at-home activities that supplement OT. Self-help strategies, such as wearing noise-canceling headphones when exposed to loud noises, can provide immediate help to those with sensory challenges.

How is sensory processing disorder treated in adults?

Treatment for sensory processing disorder typically includes occupational therapy, introduction of a sensory diet, and sensory integration challenges that retrain the brain to respond differently to stimulation from the senses. By Janice Rodden Medically reviewed by ADDitude’s ADHD Medical Review Panel on February 5, 2021

How does sensory processing disorder affect multiple senses?

Sensory processing disorder may affect one sense, like hearing, touch, or taste. Or it may affect multiple senses. And people can be over- or under-responsive to the things they have difficulties with. Like many illnesses, the symptoms of sensory processing disorder exist on a spectrum.

Can a child with ASD have sensory processing disorder?

Children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger’s Syndrome, frequently experience sensory processing issues. On this page we will describe what sensory information is and the different sensory issues that may present for child with sensory processing challenges.

How is OT-Si used to treat Sensory processing disorder?

OT-SI uses fun, stimulating activities to challenge patients’ senses without overwhelming them or linking stimulation to feelings of failure. Over time, the goal is to extend these learned, appropriate responses outside of the clinic to home, school, and life.

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