How Do You Make The Music Note Symbol On A Laptop?

make sure you switch on the NumLock,press and hold down the Alt key,type the Alt Code value of the Eight Note 1 3 on the numeric pad,release the Alt key and you got an ♪ Eighth Note Symbol.

How do you type A music symbol on a keyboard?

Place your insertion pointer where you need the Music Symbol text. Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard. Whilst holding on to the Alt key, press the Music Symbol’s alt code ( 14 ). You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. If you are using a laptop without the numeric keypad, this method may not work for you.

How do you make a note on a keyboard?

Using Alt Codes. Alt codes are used to insert characters that are not mapped to a key on your keyboard. To type a symbol, activate Num Lock. The key is in the upper-left corner of the numeric keypad. Alt codes are typed using the numeric keypad. To insert an eighth note symbol (♪), hold the Alt key and type 13 using the numeric keypad.

What are the two symbols for music notes?

There are two representations of the music notes by an Alt Code value. You can easily type a music note just by using Alt key, and the numeric pad on your keyboard. Music Symbol. Music Symbol Name. Alt Code. ♪. Eighth Note. 13. ♫.

How to type music note by using its Alt code?

How to type music note by using its Alt Code value ♫♪♪. Let's type an Eighth Note; make sure you switch on the NumLock, press and hold down the Alt key, type the Alt Code value of the Eight Note 13 on the numeric pad, release the Alt key and you got an ♪ Eighth Note Symbol.

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