How Do You Know If Your Clothing Is Ethically Made?

Check the label for the place it was made. Every clothing item has a tag that tells you where it was produced. If there’s no other indicator, products made in the USA, Canada, or Europe are more likely to have been ethically made. 4.

What do you need to know about ethical clothing?

GOTS certifies organic textiles and ethical labour conditions in textile manufacturing. When you're buying clothes made overseas, it's all but impossible to discover each step of the journey your clothes have taken. The clothing brands themselves can rarely trace the journey from fibre production through to textile and garment manufacture.

Is it ethical to buy ethical clothing in Australia?

For Australian consumers wanting to shop ethically, the first port of call is the price tag, says Paula Rogers, an international fashion supply chain consultant. "If you go and buy a $3 T-shirt, common sense would say someone hasn't been paid a whole pile to make it."

How to tell if a brand is ethical or not?

Some other really helpful sources for ethical fashion are Sutton + Grove, Conscious Shop Collective, Sustainably Chic, Simply Liv & Co, Styles For Thought, and Seasons + Salt. There are so many more out there, but these are some of my favorites!

Is it possible to find out where clothes are made?

When you're buying clothes made overseas, it's all but impossible to discover each step of the journey your clothes have taken. The clothing brands themselves can rarely trace the journey from fibre production through to textile and garment manufacture.

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