How Do You Fix A Bent Braces Wire?

Dry off the offending wire with a cotton ball or q-tip. Take a pea sized amount of the wax and place it over the dry wire, pushing it down until it covers the whole wire. If the wire has caused a sore in your mouth, rinse your mouth with salt water or a solution of peroxide and water. Do this 2-3 times a day and keep wearing the wax over the wire.

How can I get the wire out of my braces?

If you can't push it back in, grab a mirror and a pair of tweezers. Grab the middle of the wire and bend it so you can stick the end back into its place in the bracket. If you find that it still wants to slip out, use orthodontic wax to secure it in place. To apply the wax, dry off the bracket and wire with a cotton ball or q-tip.

What's the best way to fix a broken brace?

Reduce the possibility of the patient swallowing the snipped piece of wire by using folded tissue or gauze around the area. Use a pair of sharp clippers and snip off the protruding wire. Relief wax may still be necessary to provide comfort to the irritated area.

Can you put wax on a broken braces wire?

When you have a particularly annoying wire in the back of your mouth, putting wax on it and bending it back might not be the best method to fix it.

Why does the wire on my braces get bent?

When the orthodontist attaches the wires and bends them to produce a force. These wires have a property of getting back to their original state. So, when a tooth moves from their place, wires become loose over time. As a result, you may have a bend braces wire.

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