How Do You Cut Metal Conduit Without Cutting Wire?

diy.stackexchange.comImage: diy.stackexchange.comUsing a wire stripper, cut into wire's insulation without cutting the wire, and then pull toward end of wire to remove the insulation. To cut electrical wires, use lineman's pliers, diagonals, or the inner cutter of a wire stripping tool.

Can you cut wire without a wire cutter?

While it's not recommended, there are some alternative ways to cut wire without a wire cutter. If the wire is relatively thin and pliable, it's possible to repeatedly bend it back and forth until the wire literally breaks. If the wire is too thick or jacketed, this process will definitely not work.

What's the best way to cut a cable?

Safety gloves should always be worn when cutting cable and jagged edges should be trimmed to provide a clean end. A third option to cut cables is to use a hacksaw. This method is similar to using side cutters. First bend the cable until the armor begins to pop open.

Can a hacksaw be used to cut wire?

Regardless of the TPI count, using a hacksaw to cut wire is difficult unless the wire has a large diameter. If it's a small, thin-diameter wire, you're more likely to deform and bend the wire too much before you're able to complete the cut through it.

What kind of blade to cut type MC Cable?

Rotary cable cutters are a standard tool used to install Type MC and AC Cables and can be found in most electrical supply stores. The blade depth can be adjusted to prevent cutting too deep into the armor and damaging the conductors within.

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