How Do You Cut A Cavaliers Hair?

Hair grows quickly on the bottom of the breed’s paws, between the pads of the toes. To avoid your Cavalier slipping on slick surfaces, trim the hair weekly with blunt-nose, curved scissors. “Don’t trim the top of the feet, as feathering on the feet is a feature of the breed,” says Huggins.

Can a Cavalier King Charles have a haircut?

In the United States, the Cavalier King Charles Club USA, Inc. specifies that “NO trimming of the dog is permitted. However, removing the hair growing between the pads on the underside of the foot is permissible.

What's the best way to groom a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

(Cavalier show exhibitors like to keep their dogs’ nails short and trim them weekly.) Hair grows quickly on the bottom of the breed’s paws, between the pads of the toes. To avoid your Cavalier slipping on slick surfaces, trim the hair weekly with blunt-nose, curved scissors.

Is it OK to shave my Cavalier Cavalier?

Remember that shaving removes your Cavalier’s natural safeguard against heat and sun. Limit your dog’s exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures if his coat has been shaved. Read our post on How to Avoid Heat Stroke to be alert to signs that your dog has become overheated.

How do you cut a King Charles Spaniel's tail?

Position your dog facing away from you and raise their tail with your non-dominant hand. Using your dominant hand and your straight scissors, cut the hair surrounding the anus. Then taking the same scissors, lift each paw and cut the excess hair that sticks out between the toes and the paw pads.

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