How Do You Behave Bossy?

Be yourself. Though perhaps a cliché, it's quite true. When you're trying hard to be something you feel is expected of you rather than the person you really are, you may become more bossy to cope. Try to overlook those expectations from others and be guided by your own values, wherever possible.

How to deal with people who are bossy?

Tolerating Bossy People Recognizing who is a boss, versus who is being bossy. Take a moment to cool down. Don't be passive aggressive. Move on. Refuse to give someone “payoffs” when they are pushy. Try humor, after someone tries to boss you around. Ask your manager to clarify the chain of command when you start any new project.

What's the best way to avoid being a boss?

Other people don't enjoy the company of bossy people and often you don't like yourself for being bossy. Avoiding being bossy takes practice and self-recognition of your capacity to be a little too know-it-all. Sit down and listen.

Who are the bossy people on the bus?

These are people who to one degree or another have authority and responsibility that you need to respect. Bossy people tend to try to direct others, and speak with a lot of authority, but are not actually in charge of you: Your friend, your sister, the person on the bus who always has an opinion on everything.

Why do I feel victimized by bossy people?

When you feel victimized by people who are bossy around you, it’s simply a reaction of your being to the loss of freedom that you feel within. Only you have the power to reclaim your freedom, and stay free, no-one else can really help you with this.

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