How Is Knit Consumption Calculated?

Knit fabric is calculated by fabric weight and woven fabric is calculated by fabric length and weight direction. Therefore, the formula of fabric consummation is also different for both fabrics. We will find body length, sleeve lengt h and chest length from basic garment sample.

How is fabric consumption calculated for knit garments?

Generally fabric consumption for a garment can be calculated through marker making either by manually or by using a machine with CAD facilities. By mathematical method different formulas are used to calculate the fabric consumption. Today I would like to discuss about Knit and woven fabric consummation in the garment industry.

How to calculate the consumption of a T-shirt?

These are some basic function to make consumption of a knitted t-shirt, such as- Wastage (Cutting and Sewing- 10%, 15%, etc.) = 2.439 kg/doz [Neck and sleeve are made rib so add 0.10]

Why is fabric consumption important in garment merchandising?

Fabric consumption is an important factor in garments merchandising. The profit of the order mostly depends on it. As a result, fabric consumption should be done accurately after receiving the order. As its vast importance on garments merchandising, today I will discuss the knit fabric consumption formula for a T-Shirt.

How much fabric does a Knit T shirt use?

Suppose, buyer provided a basic knit T shirt order sheet to the garments manufacturer. Fabric GSM is 150 and there mention, order must be 100% cotton single jersey. Now, I will give an order sheet measurement demo for knit fabric consumption.

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