How Does Tree-Ear Change Throughout The Story?

Near the beginning of the story, Tree-ear begins to hope for such a future, and he manages to secure himself a job with Min, a pottery master. In this role, Tree-ear becomes the main provider for himself and for his protector.

What does Tree ear do at the end of the story?

Tree-ear watches the skillful clay workers cut the clay with a spade, and then he tries it himself. Of course, Tree-ear is not skillful and it takes him a long time and a lot of effort to fill his cart. At the end of the morning's work he realises that it is now Min's responsibility to feed him.

What does Tree ear think about in a single shard?

Tree-ear thinks about the coloured slip he sees Kang using. Tree-ear's work for Min continues, but he still has not had the chance to throw a pot on the wheel. His dream is to make a prunus vase. Winter is coming and Tree-ear starts gathering rice again. Crane-man continues to make things from straw.

Why does Tree ear want to become a potter?

Tree-ear is dismayed, for he secretly wants to become apprenticed to Min and make an elegant prunus vase. After his work days are completed, Tree-ear offers to work for the potter for free in hope of getting to make his own pot. Tree-ear is assigned various tasks but never has the chance to make his own pot.

How did Tree ear get a better work system?

Tree-ear refuses and eventually uses a better work system that doesn't leave him so tired. He even has time to collect some food. Tree-ear begins to enjoy unloading the wood by the kiln at the end of his working day. One evening a potter named Kang helps Tree-ear unload the wood.

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