Are Spitfire Wheels Fast?

Probably the best wheels in this category are the Spitfire Formula Four Classics (link to Amazon). These wheels are crazy fast and very durable. Great for reverts and power slides without worrying about flat spots. These wheels perform well on the street and are perfect for indoor skate parks.

Which is faster the Spitfire 99 or the Spitfire 101?

The 99s are definitely the faster wheel in comparison to the 101s, as you'd expect from a softer wheel, but they both do what they're asked and more. At the end of the day, there's very little between any Bones STF and any Spitfire F4, when you compare wheels of a similar durometer.

What are the different types of Spitfire Wheels?

The seven current Spitfire Wheel Shapes are OG Classic, Radial, Radial Slim, Conical Narrow, Conical Full, Lock In’s and the latest Tablets. Until recently, radial shaped wheels dominated the market.

What's the difference between Spitfire radials and Slims?

Spitfire Radial & Radial Slims Very similar to the OG Classics the Radial series have a smaller radiused corner producing a flatter wheel side and a wider contact patch in relation to the width of the wheel. The Radial slims are around 3mm narrower than the regular Radials. A little more lock and a little less slip than the Classics.

What's the best way to pitch a Spitfire?

Set the trim wheel so that the Spitfire is pitched down by 1 tick mark. The ‘brakes on’ high RPM method: Ensure you parking brake is on. Manually set the altimeter to zero. Ensure the flaps are up. Set the aircraft pitch trim wheel 1 notch lower than neutral. Note: pitch trim down is critical for good control. Slowly increase the RPM to 2,500.

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