How Do I Redeem My 7-Eleven Rewards?

Download the 7-Eleven app for Bonus Points, deals and rewards. Scan your app or enter your phone number at checkout to start earning points. You'll also get discounts and be able to redeem for rewards offers and savings. Visit the app or login here to view deals or redeem your points for freebies.

How do I redeem my 7 eleven points?

In the 7-Eleven app, choose your reward, tap "redeem", confirm and the points will be deducted from your points balance. Then, grab your selected item and head to the counter. Scan your app barcode or enter your phone number when checking out and the discount will be added at the register.

How can I get free stuff at 7 Eleven?

Get Free Stuff at 7-Eleven With 7Rewards 7-Eleven has a rewards program called 7Rewards where you can use the 7-Eleven app (available for iOS and Android) to collect points for your purchases and use them to get rewards for free stuff like food, drinks, and more. It's a great rewards program that's available at all 7-Eleven locations in the U.S.

How does the 7 Eleven 7Rewards app work?

The 7-Eleven 7Rewards App allows you to buy 6 cups and get your 7th cup of any type of beverage in any size for free, plus you can earn points on almost every food and drink purchase that you make, and you’ll get access to exclusive offers on 7-Eleven and partner products.

How do you redeem free items on 7Rewards?

Click on the “ Choose Rewards ” option from the Home page in the app. 2. Click “ Redeem ” on the free item that you would like to receive. 3. Go to “ My Rewards ” at the bottom of the app. 4. Your chosen free item should now appear here in the “ Rewards Ready ” section. 5. Scan your 7Rewards barcode at checkout to redeem the offer.

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You’re able to scan the Coca Cola products codes and the sip & scan icon at or their new sip & scan app. You scan with your phone and then you can get rewards, perks, and even get personalized experiences that are close to you. What Do You Get With the New My Coke Rewards?