How Do I Convert An Openoffice Document To Word?

To convert ODT to Word, drag and drop your OpenOffice files onto the form, specify the conversion options and press the CONVERT button. Watch your ODT turn into DOCX in less than a minute. The output content and formatting will be identical to the original file. Aspose Words Software Platform

How can I open OpenOffice document with word?

If not, use a copy of OpenOffice to open it yourself, (the odt file) and then save as xml and open in MS Word, if you want to keep using Word. Open Office opens most Word and Excel files, although some formatting might not be quite right especially if lots of shapes have been used, but straight forward documents convert OK.

How to convert OpenOffice ODT documents to Microsoft Word?

To get around this problem, all we need to do is change our ODT files into readable DOC files. And, to do that we can use a free built-in program that came pre-packaged with Windows. Note: Office 2010 by default supports .odt format, so this is only useful if you are running 2007, 2003, or an even older version.

How to convert documents of OpenOffice to JPEG?

Click the “Save file” button which looks like a floppy disk in the toolbar. Press “Ctrl”+ “S” on the keyboard at the same time. If you have some other good methods, you can share with us by leaving messages. Please save the document of OpenOffice to jpeg in the “Save As” dialog box which is shown in Figure1.

What's the difference between OpenOffice writer and word?

Click the OK button, close the Spelling window, and you are done. OpenOffice Writer uses a dull, medium gray background under the document. Not only is this drab, but staring at it for a long time can make the rest of the application disappear into a gray fog. Word uses a much friendlier blue that is cheerful.

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Is Odt Compatible With Microsoft Word?

OpenDocument (.odt) files are compatible with Word and open source applications like OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but you might see formatting differences and some Word features aren't available in .odt files. Word documents (.docx) are compatible with most applications.

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