How Did People Decorate Christmas Trees In The 1800s?

Most people in the 1800s lit their Christmas trees with small candles. The first Christmas tree in the White House was displayed in 1889, during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. The Harrison family, including his young grandchildren, decorated the tree with toy soldiers and glass ornaments for their small family gathering.

How did people decorate for Christmas in the 1800s?

The living room of Old Sturbridge Village’s Salem Town House is decorated in the style of the 1830s, and the decorations don’t even take up the entire surface of a small card table. “Typically, you’ll see what’s called a ‘tree in a tub’ that is decorated with whimsies like gold stars, cornucopia, and surrounded by a few toys,” says Cathcart.

Where did the idea of a Christmas tree come from?

The first accounts of using lighted candles as decorations on Christmas Trees come from France in the 18th century. 1800s – The Christmas Tree was introduced in the United States by German settlers. It rapidly grew from tabletop size to floor-to-ceiling.

What was decorating a Christmas tree like in the 50's?

But fifty years ago, decorating the Christmas tree was very different. While sitting on the back porch one day with family and friends, my dad and mother in law talked about “the good old days” and their memories of “puttin up the tree.”

When did they start putting candles on Christmas trees?

The first accounts of using lighted candles as decorations on Christmas Trees come from France in the 18th century. 1800s – The Christmas Tree was introduced in the United States by German settlers. It rapidly grew from tabletop size to floor-to-ceiling. 1851 – Christmas Trees began to be sold commercially in the United States.

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