How Canteen Contribute To The Students Learning And Development?

Well planned school canteens support student development and learning. They provide adequate nutrition which gives students and staff high energy levels and prevents diseases, such as obesity and anaemia, which are related to poor diet.

Why are school canteens important to school life?

The two main ways in which school canteens have an impact on school life are in supporting teaching through proper nutrition and health practices; including the provision of special dietary requirements for some students and staff, and in being sectors of schools which can easily become trouble zones if specific measures are not put in place to ...

What foods are not allowed in school canteens?

There should be fewer soft drinks, no energy drinks or sports drinks, no alcohol, and no deep-fried food. It will be necessary to retrain students’ palates in some instances, but this is in the best interests of the students.

How can students contribute to the learning process?

The iterative process involvement of students during the development of new technological learning material will enhance the identification of important learning needs for students. The use of student and teacher knowledge through an adapted co-design process is the most optimal level of that involvement.

What is the purpose of participation in school?

Participation encourages dialogue among and between students —Students can be asked to comment on what another student has said. A question can be asked and students can be invited to discuss possible answers with each other before the public discussion.

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