Are Micro Braids Bad For Your Hair?

While micro braids aren’t inherently bad for your hair, there are some people who should avoid the style altogether. Because the braids are so small, this style is not ideal for ladies with thinning or fragile hair. When styling micro braids with added hair, only a few of your natural strands are used for each braid.

Do you need to take care of micro braids?

Although micro braids is a protective hairstyle, your hair can end up damaged when you neglect them for an extended period of time. Most hair stylists offer aftercare advice for micro-braided hair but just in case you forgot to ask your hairstylist, here are some care tips to have in the back of your mind.

What are the pros and cons of braids?

Can cause hair breakage and breakage around the edges. If the braids are installed too tight or if your hair is already weakened this will increase the chance of your braids breaking off your hair and/or your edges. This also depends on the size of the braid.

Why do my braids break at the edges?

Can cause hair breakage and breakage around the edges. If the braids are installed too tight or if your hair is already weakened this will increase the chance of your braids breaking off your hair and/or your edges. This also depends on the size of the braid. Braids that are too large and heavy or really small braids, such as micro braids,...

What happens if you braid your hair too long?

Those with longer hair will have to pay extra attention to their hair and moisturize daily to prevent breakage. Braids that are installed too tight tend to cause breakage mostly around the front hairline. If you lose your front hairline to breakage, growing it back will take a lot of time and effort.

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