How Can I Install Gta 4 In Pc?

Step 1, Open the DVD-ROM bay of your computer. Press the button on your computer’s DVD-ROM to open the drive bay.Step 2, Place the DVD installer of GTA 4. Put your index finger in the middle hole of the disc and your thumb on the sides to hold it in place as you place it into the drive.Step 3, Close the drive bay. Press the button on your computer’s DVD-ROM again to close the bay.

How to download GTA 4 on a PC?

Here are the steps to follow: 1 Go to Rockstar Games store website and sign in to your account 2 You can also create an account using the ‘Sign In’ option 3 Search for GTA 4 in the Rockstar Games store online 4 Select the GTA 4 PC download and click on Add to Basket 5 Go to checkout, make payment and download the game

How to download and install GTA 4 highly compressed?

How to Download and Install the GTA 4 Highly Compressed? Click the below button for the game. Download all parts of 500 MB. Extract all the files at once in any folder of your choice. After Extracting total size of the file will be 7 GB. Open it and run the setup file. After installation open the game from desktop.

How do you install Grand Theft Auto 4?

Press “Next” on the very first welcome screen of the Grand Theft Auto 4 window to begin the installation. Click “Next.” A few notification messages for the Games for Windows Live and Rockstar Social Club will show up on the installation window. Just click the “Next” button to continue with the process. Select the setup type you want to use.

How big is the download for GTA 4?

GTA 4 Highly Compressed Download As it is Highly Compressed so size is just 7.5 GB in 500 MB parts. All links are safe, virus free and easy to get it. Download speed depends on your internet connection.

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