How Can I Check My Khasra Number Online?

You can find out the Khasra number by logging on to the official land revenue department website of your state. Is Khasra number different from Khata number? Khasra number is survey number of a land while Khata number is landholding details of owners. Can I check my Khasra number details online in Delhi?

What does Khasra mean and how to get it?

What is Khasra (ख़सरा) number? A Persian term, Khasra number is a plot or survey number given to a particular piece of land in villages. In urban areas, land parcels are allotted plot numbers or survey numbers, the equivalent of rural areas’ Khasra number Table of Contents [ hide]

What's the difference between Khasra number and khata number?

Suppose a land plot has the khasra number of 50, and it is later divided into two parts. In that case, the two plots will have khasra numbers of 50/1 and 50/2. What is Khata number? A Khata number, on the other hand, is an account number allotted to a family which denotes the entire landholding of all the members.

How are Khasra numbers assigned to land in India?

As plot numbers are assigned to each piece of land in urban India, a similar numeral identification is assigned to agricultural land in rural areas. Authorities take the village map and assign a khasra number to each and every land parcel in that particular village.

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