How Are Sound Waves Used In Everyday Life?

The sound waves (The ultrasonic waves) are used in examining and curing the sets of the human body. The musical instruments : The stringed musical instruments (contain the strings) such as the violin, The lute and The guitar. The sound waves are very important in the pneumatic musical instruments such as the flute or the reed pipe.

How are ultrasonic sound waves used in everyday life?

Sound waves that have a very high frequency are called ultrasound or ultrasonic waves. These sounds are so high that humans can't hear them. Dogs and bats have a higher hearing range than humans and can hear some ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic sound waves are made by electrical devices (like a loud speaker), which change electrical signals into ...

Why are sound waves so important to life?

Importance of Sound Waves. These waves occur as a result of atoms vibrating and colliding with one another. These vibrations occur from a source and travel throughout the atmosphere -- the vibrations creating waves of energy. Humans and other creatures use these sound waves, not only to communicate but also to perform various tasks.

How are longitudinal waves used in everyday life?

While they are used by military and police forces, several types of sonic weapons are currently in the research and development phase. These weapons produce longitudinal sound waves that can cause humans to experience discomfort or nausea. They are often used to disperse protestors and rioters in crowd control efforts.

How are sound waves used in the telephone?

Telephone communication: Telephone is one of the best discoveries ever made by man. The telephone machine receives sound waves from the person at the mouthpiece. The sound waves cause vibration in carbon particles in it. Thus the electric signal is generated based on the pitch and frequency of voice and is communicated.

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