How Are Smart Materials Used In Everyday Life?

Smart materials are materials that are manipulated to respond in a controllable and reversible way, modifying some of their properties as a result of external stimuli such as certain mechanical stress or a certain temperature, among others. Because of their responsiveness, smart materials are also known as responsive materials.

What are smart materials and what are their uses?

Smart materials are materials that have a property that can be significantly changed in a controlled way by external stimuli.

What are the materials in our daily life?

Materials in Our Daily Life : 97 : The basic materials used to manufacture soap are animal fats (lard) or vegetable oils (olive oil, neem oil, etc.) and an alkali, usually sodium hydroxide. Fats and oils are compounds of organic acids (containing 12–14 carbon atoms) and glycerol (commonly called glycerine).

How are smart materials able to change shape?

Some such materials have the ability to change shape or size simply by adding a little bit of heat, or to change from a liquid to a solid almost instantly when near a magnet; these materials are called smart materials. Smart materials have one or more properties that can be dramatically altered.

How is smart technology used in everyday life?

Use of smart technology is growing leaps and bounds everyday – from smart phones and personal devices to smart homes, smart cars, and smart cities – becoming more a part of everyday life for many consumers.

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