How Are Heating And Cooling Degree Days Calculated?

Both cooling degree days and heating degree days are calculated by comparing the difference between the average outdoor temperature and a standard temperature, typically 65°F. Using this calculation method takes into account how extreme the outside temperature is – more extreme temperatures lead to more heating or cooling degree days.

What are the heating and cooling degree days?

What Are Heating and Cooling Degree Days. Heating and Cooling Degree Days. Degree days are based on the assumption that when the outside temperature is 65°F, we don't need heating or cooling to be comfortable. Degree days are the difference between the daily temperature mean, (high temperature plus low temperature divided by two) and 65°F.

How to calculate the number of degree days in a day?

Multiply the time (1) and the temperature difference (2) to get the heating degree days for the period between the two temperature readings (an hour in this case). Finally we sum all the figures (3) above to get the total heating degree days for the day.

How are degree days related to energy usage?

With more extreme weather conditions, come more degree days, resulting in higher expected levels of energy usage (whether for heating or cooling). What are heating degree days? Heating degree days (HDD) measure how cold temperatures are for a given period of days, resulting in the demand for energy to heat a building.

How does a cooling degree day ( CDD ) work?

Cooling degree days (CDD) measure how warm temperatures are, resulting in the demand for energy needed to cool a building. They act in reverse of HDD, as they begin to add up when the outside temperature rises above the base temperature.

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