Does Nature Or Nurture Have A Greater Impact On Human Development?

Nurture strongly influences early human development Both nurture and nature can influence early human development. The innate factor depends on the nature while the acquired factor's development mostly depends on the nurture.

How does nature and nurture affect child development?

The field of behavioral genetics studies how nature and nurture combine to affect a child’s development. It states that while genetics have a greater overall impact on a person’s makeup than their family environment does, most of an individual’s behavioral traits cannot be traced to specific genes or family characteristics.

Is there a debate between nature and nurture?

In my opinion, there should be no debate on human development in regards to nurture and nature because the two aspects impact human development. This further means that some features of human development are largely dependent on nature and others on nurture.

Which is the greater role nature or nurture?

The findings exposed that on average the cause of human diseases are attributed to 41% nature and 51% nurture (a variance with mental health and behavioral disorders weighing toward 40% nature and 60% nurture) “What is comforting is that, on average, about 50 percent of individual differences are genetic and 50 percent are environmental.

How are nature and genetics related to human development?

This is the case based on some human development features that depend on nature while others rely on nurture. According to Bouchard, Malina, and Perusse (1997), the environment and genetics are intrinsically connected features and as a result, it is quite difficult to understand genetic characteristics without referring to nature and vice versa.

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