Does Magnetic Field Depend On Length Of Wire?

The magnitude of the magnetic force also depends on the length of the wire in the magnetic field. The longer the wire in the magnetic field, the larger the force on the wire as shown in Figure.

How does the magnetic field of a wire depend?

The strength of the magnetic field depends on the current I in the wire and r, the distance from the wire. The constant m 0 is the magnetic permiability.

How does the magnitude of magnetic fields due to current?

Answer: Explanation: (a) a current-carrying straight conductor. (b) current carrying solenoid depends. So, magnetic field depends on the current flowing and distance (d) of that point. So, the magnetic field depends on the current flowing, the number of turns in solenoid and length of the solenoid.

How do you find the direction of the magnetic field?

By pointing one's right thumb along the direction of the current, the direction of the magnetic field can by found by curving one's fingers around the wire. The strength of the magnetic field depends on the current Iin the wire and r, the distance from the wire. The constant m0is the magnetic permiability.

What happens when current flows around a wire?

When current flows it creates a magnetic field. If you have a wire that is 5 cm with a single magnetic field loop, and you double it’s length, 10cm, you will have 2 magnetic field loops (around the wire) now.

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