Does Khaki Go With Blue?

Colors that go with khaki include neutrals, such as white, black and gray, and jewel tones, including ruby and emerald. Soft pastel colors, such as mint green and sky blue pair with khaki, and bright colors, such as magenta or lime green work with khaki as well. Click to see full answer Thereof, what color looks good with khaki pants?

What's the best color to go with khaki?

Colors that go with khaki include neutrals, such as white, black and gray, and jewel tones, including ruby and emerald. Soft pastel colors, such as mint green and sky blue pair with khaki, and bright colors, such as magenta or lime green work with khaki as well.

Can you wear khaki pants with any color of shirt?

They're also suitable for a variety of circumstances, from formal events to casual outings with friends. You might consider all forms of khaki pants as optional for every color of shirt, but the truth is that some shades of khaki may go better with certain colors than others.

Do you wear navy blue and khaki in the Navy?

The color Navy blue and the color khaki do look good together. I would say they match. If you are talking about the US Navy then only Chiefs and Officers wear khaki uniforms. I’d say its not an ideal combination.

Which is a neutral color gray or khaki?

As mentioned 'gray' is a neutral color. You might examine the 'coolness or the warmness' of both the gray and the khaki. Your khaki will have either warm or cool undertones, determine that then match the gray and the khaki per their coolness or warmness. Then they will match.

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