Does Darla Get Custody Of Blue?

Does Darla get custody of blue? Blue’s custody battle gets intense. When asked who takes of Blue when he’s working, Ralph Angel says Aunt Vi keeps him. Darla’s attorney revealed he denied a 70/30 custody split, and his attorney reveals he’s seeking full custody.

Is the girl that plays Darla on Queen Sugar pregnant?

It hasn't been revealed if Darla is pregnant on Queen Sugar, but it's not impossible. Bianca Lawson has recently admitted that it would be nice for Blue (who's six years old) to have a sibling. After being asked if Darla and Ralph's family might expand, Bianca replied, "You never know.

What's the relationship between Ralph and Darla on Queen Sugar?

Ralph and Darla have an on-and-off relationship, and Ralph treats Blue like his son. Ralph and Darla nearly broke things off and got involved in an ugly custody battle, but after all was said and done, the two end up together. Which feels very right for them.

What was the name of Darla's last pet fish?

Gill and the other fish in Sherman's fish tank describe Darla as a fish killer and that Nemo is supposed to be her new pet fish. The last fish she received in the previous year, Chuckles, was killed by her because she wouldn't stop shaking the bag Chuckles was in.

How old is Darla in Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo Darla is the 8-year-old niece of Philip Sherman, a dentist. Although she is not truly evil, and thus not a villain, she is rather rambunctious and often becomes overexcited when she receives pet fish, which ironically has frequently resulted in her accidentally killing them in her excitement.

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