Do The Yankees Wear Black Or Blue?

And the Yankees’ helmets remain the same conservative shade of blue, so dark it edges up to the border of black. But still, these are the Yankees, impervious to whims, their uniforms a proxy for their blue bloodlines.

What did the New York Yankees uniforms look like?

Their traditional white uniforms were now trimmed with black pinstripes, creating a look that would become the most famous uniform design in sports history. They were not the first team with pinstripes and would abandon the look for the next two seasons.

When do the Yankees wear black at Dodger Stadium?

When the Yankees visit Dodger Stadium for three games in August they won’t be wearing their road gray uniforms. Instead, for Players Weekend the Yankees will tuck themselves into black uniforms Aug. 23-25.

Is the New York Yankees the only MLB team not to have a logo?

Apart from the Players Weekend jerseys, the Yankees were the only team in Major League Baseball that did not display the logo of the official uniform supplier on game jerseys or pants supplied to players; that trend would change as Nike took over as MLB uniform supplier in 2020.

Why do the New York Yankees wear black on their sleeves?

In addition, the team will occasionally wear a black armband on the left sleeve, usually in honor of a Yankee great who has died. In some cases, the player's number is displayed instead. The first time was in 1990, when the Yankees wore a #1 patch on their left sleeve in tribute to Billy Martin, who had died in a car crash on December 25, 1989.

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