Do Pet Crabs Smell?

If you’ve dealt with aquatic pets or other crustaceans, then you clearly know that they have a distinct smell. This scent should not be a problem to your nose, but if it does, then you should not keep pet hermit crabs in the first place.

How does a crab get its smell from?

To sniff, crabs wave or flick their antennae to generate currents through the hairs, bringing smells close to sensory surfaces. But not all crabs sniff in the same way; it depends where they live.

Is it bad for a hermit crab to smell bad?

They can smell bad. Maintaining a hermit crab is very inexpensive. It only requires a little amount of food and a complete cage cleaning once a month. However, if the cleaning is not done for a long time, they can start smelling really bad. Need a lot of humidity. Hermit crabs need a lot of humidity to keep their gills wet.

How many hermit crabs can you keep as a pet?

For most people who think that only one hermit crab is enough for the house, they are wrong. Hermit crabs are happiest and most active when they have friends. You can keep a single hermit crab as a pet, but there is a good chance that it will have a short lifespan. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy at least two hermit crabs, to begin with.

What's the best way to take care of a pet crab?

Use an aquarium hydrometer (also available at pet supply stores) to test the water. It should be at or very close to 25% salinity (or a specific gravity of about 1.02). Stir in more marine salt to raise the salinity, or add more water to reduce the salinity.

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